CD Key Generator

CD Key Generator 7.1

Generate up to 4,000,000 unique key combinations and 5,000,000 non-unique key
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Jedisware, LLC

CD Key Generator is a program to generate keys. This program will be useful for developers that wish to protect their software setting registration and distribution keys. CD Key Generator is able to generate up to 2 millions unique and 5 millions not-unique key combinations. Through the program's interface you can configure if you want to generate alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric keys. You can use lower case characters, upper case characters or a combination of both. It's possible to set the length of the key between 1 and 24 characters and the maximum number of keys, allowing duplicates or not. You can choose to set delimiters (hyphens, tabs, slashes or commas) with a variable spacing, or set no delimiters at all. After introducing all these parameters, you will need to press the "Generate" button. After showing you a progress bar in the lower right corner of the screen, the program will display again the main interface, this time with the list of generated keys that you will be able to print, save or copy to a text file in the registered version.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It's very easy to use


  • The trial version allows only 5 runs. Even in this few runs, you cannot print, copy or save the generated keys
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